“A Green Building should create delight when entered, serenity and health when occupied and regret when departed”… Definition of Green Building as articulated in the book ‘Natural Capitalism’.

Logix Group, reaffirms its commitment to protect environment and create eco-friendly infrastructure aimed to nurture environment and enhance green cover.

Logix Cyber Park at Sector-62 being developed as the first Green Building IT Park in Northern India is significant contributor to group’s commitment to protect environment and create eco-friendly infrastructure. Environment Improvement initiatives include:

  1 . Site Management :  


    • Reduce waste generation by recycling and / or salvage at least 30% of the material.
    • Use 40% of building material and products available locally,
    • Manage storm water run-offs and reuse water for non-portable uses.
    • Use recycled water for gardening and recharging of Ground water after adequate treatment.
    • Façade with toughened solar control glass and Double glazed windows with solar control glass to optimize natural light use and conserve energy on account of air conditioning.

  2 . Water Efficiency:  


    • Use harvested storm water for landscaping,
    • Provide on –site mechanical or natural waste treatment systems.
    • Rain water Harvesting over entire Campus and it’s usage for recharging of Ground water.
    • Use of control mechanisms in flush systems and taps for conserving water.
    • Use of Sprinkler network in Fire Control Network for reduced water consumption.
    • Cent per cent affluent treatment and recycling the water to replenish more than 80% of water consumed in the building.

  3 . Recyclable material :  


    • Reuse building materials and products in order to reduce demand for virgin materials and to reduce waste, thereby reducing the impact associated with the extraction and processing of virgin resources, by incorporating salvaged materials.
    • Implement plan for solid waste management during construction and building operations.
    • Use of recycled waste material like Fly ash bricks as building material.
    • Efficient solid waste management system.
    • Using vermicomposting for utilizing garden waste as manure.
    • All soil and waste drainage will be discharged to captive Sewage Treatment Plant.

  4 . Operational Efficiency :  


    • Logix Cyber Park display highly economical operation as they consume 40 % less power.
    • Use of Automated Building Management Systems for optimizing Energy usage.
    • Improved energy usage through Electrical Sub meterings and BTU meters.
    • Use of energy efficient, centralized water cooled chillers.
    • Use of variable frequency drives for secondary chilled water circuits and air handling units for energy saving.
    • Use of Heat Recovery wheels from Exhaust / Return Air for improving energy efficiency.

  5 . Energy Saving :  


    • Minimize lighting loads by using daylight and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for night light.

  6 . Embedded energy saving system :  


    • Green Power is the manifestation of low-energy consumption and eco-balance. Architecture using maximum controllable northern daylight is an embedded system that reduces electrical consumption without any electro-mechanical installations. Natural cooling devices increase human comfort without any mechanical means and require zero attendance. Nevertheless, products requiring high-production energy and not recyclable are avoided as they have embedded energy.

Thus, the drive to ‘Go Green’ is undoubtedly welcome, as the problems of water shortage, energy crisis and climate change are seemingly here to stay…….

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